Twisted Kitchen

1 Apr

Twisted Kitchen, Colmar, PA

Two things immediately attracted me to Twisted Kitchen.

1. It’s an American Road Food restaurant. Visions of burgers and hotdogs and mac and cheese danced in my head.

2. The name. It sounds enticing but decadent. It also sounds like Dee Snyder might be working the grill.

Dee Snyder was not on the grill when I went. And my original thoughts of headbanging decor were not realized.

But the interior is both elegant and cozy.

I’d rave over the menu, but why try to explain when you can peruse the

enticements yourself? Check out the website…

But, maybe words are not enough for you and you want a little visual to whet your growing appetite.

Maybe some bacon, cheeseburger mac and cheese will convince you?

And I had ordered that thinking it was going to be  appetizer size. What delicious foolishness!

I’ll just add that all the baked goods are homemade. Just thought you should know.

OK, now I’m hungry. Time for breakfast. See you there.


One Response to “Twisted Kitchen”

  1. Michael G April 1, 2012 at 12:42 pm #

    Chiming in on this one… I have been there three times now in the last month. Though it seems 80%+ of each menu item includes a pork product (which is a turn off for me), what remains is enough choice and I am sure they will make things to order.

    The food is very good and the creative menu options keep me smiling too.

    The place also has a very warm / cozy quality about it which makes me want to return. Cudos to the interior designer!

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