9 Apr

Yes, it is the sweet decadence you imagine…a show based on those, fluffy, dreamy, sugary, marshmallowy Peeps. What is Easter without them? And now, after attending my first one, I can not imagine life without the PEEPshow.

It was impossible to miss the PEEPshow at 91 W. Main St, it was the building with the courageous woman dressed as a large Peep standing outside. Inside, the lovely members of the arts council were dressed in their finest peep t-shirts, the ladies even sported Peep earrings.

This year the PEEPshow runs from April 5 to April 15th and is held at the Carroll Arts Center in Westminster, MD. Admission is free. But bring your wallet because you will want to buy vote chips to vote for your favorite entries. If you buy $5 or more of vote chips (and you should, there are so many great entries) you also get a “I Peeped” badge. There’s also Peep souvenirs and snacks available. When I was there, there was even a table offering Peep tattoos.

With my new Peep badge pinned on and vote chips in hand, I was ready to start. Before me waited three large rooms filled with some of the most imaginative artwork made with marshmallow Peeps. Created by individuals, families, schools, businesses and community groups, each entry was a sweet labor of love. Here’s just a small sample. (I apologize that in my excitement, I did not record the artists names.)


And many, many more. It was a visual feast of yummy Peepness. And a number of the artworks are available for purchase. It took me many indecisive minutes and the great patience of the helpful staff member, before I could settle on a piece.(For you aspiring Peep collectors, please note: any artwork purchased must remain on display for the duration of the Peepshow) I look forward to when I will be adding that little bit of the Peepshow to my home.

For more information on the PEEPshow, here is the link to the Caroll Arts Center




4 Responses to “PEEPshow”

  1. Ann April 10, 2012 at 5:29 pm #

    I’d love to know which piece you bought!

    • hauntedfondue April 10, 2012 at 9:46 pm #

      Thanks for reading the post! In the end I decided on “Citrus Surprise” which featured three orange peeps “hatching” out of an orange peel.

  2. MaryEllen April 12, 2012 at 1:09 pm #

    Great entry. Loved the pics. Maybe we can all go together next year???

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