Would you dare eat the Prickly Pear?

25 Apr

 The Prickly Pear Cactus

My first encounter with the prickly pear cactus was one of distant admiration. Experienced up close, (but not too close) in the Saguaro National Park in Arizona, I was not thinking I would get a more intimate experience with this spiky wonder than a careful photograph. But I was wrong.

Prickly Pear food items appeared in many of the shops in and around Tucson.

There was prickly pear marmalade…

And prickly pear sweets…

Even butter…

Prickly Pear has a pleasant, slightly tart, somewhat floral taste.

My favorite way to enjoy Prickly Pear Cactus was at the colorful El Saguarito restaurant on 1763 E. Prince St. in Tucson.


where I discovered the pleasure of the huge, magenta Prickly Pear Margarita…

The picture does not do this fantastic drink justice. You’ll just have to go and experience it yourself. The sooner the better. How about this weekend?

And you might just want to try some Chicken Mole enchiladas to go with that…

Just a suggestion. A delicious, mouth watering, suggestion.


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