Diary of a Pizza Goddess

10 Jul

This summer I will be playing the part of Pizza Goddess at an undisclosed location. You are probably wondering what a Pizza Goddess does. Well, for one thing, there are many pizza goddesses across this great land; lovely ladies standing, smiling behind the counter of your local pizza joint. They take your long-winded, crazy-assed orders without complaint and get it right most of the time. But my job is a little different. I’m serving pizza at the snack bar of my local pool. Throngs of soggy children with their damp dollar bills flock to my snack bar window. The majority are pre-teen boys desperate to spend every last cent on pizza, candy and soda. They race up to the snack bar, their damp hair spiked out after a vigorous towel dry and their pasty legs poking out of their knee-length swim trunks. There are also some girls, shy little things shivering in their huge multi-colored beach towels, dithering for long minutes over what to order. And, less often, there are teenage girls, draped languidly on the benches, washing their french fries down while drinking Diet Coke. These teenage girls seem to be waiting so very patiently for something that never seems to show up. Probably teenage boys. The very few teenage boys I have seen are not to these girls liking; they are skinny, geeky boys who wear their glasses in the pool and talk about Dr Who. The only male worth their notice is the lifeguard, let’s call him Apollo. His tall, tanned, muscular presence is godlike to the swimming minions. And it is usually onto one of his minions that Apollo will bestow the privilege of ordering his cheeseburger combo.

You must be wondering if, as pizza goddess, do I get tired of pizza. And the answer is, “Are you crazy?” But yet, spending hours at a time with so many tasty ingredients at my disposal, it’s hard not to experiment. French fries come at the top of my experimentation list. They’re so versatile. The snack bar’s rather charismatic chef, let’s call him Johnny Wolf (there’ll be more about the name in the future) created for me this charming little sandwich…French fries, mayo and melted cheese topped with pickles. Basic, kinda quirky, hugely satisfying and the foundation for greater culinary exploration.

to be continued…

2 Responses to “Diary of a Pizza Goddess”

  1. Michael G. at 12:25 am #

    Dearest Goddess, shall we be lucky enough to hear more about your Goddess adventures? This sounds like the making of a story. Do you have an alter ego? Special powers?

  2. Jope Hune at 10:59 pm #

    Ha Ha! Sounds like a full day at Summer Camp. Keep it rollin’.

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