Full Marley

4 Aug

It’s the summer of reggae. A summer of upholding the values of Bob Marley. A summer of love, peace and understanding. A summer for Snoop Dogg to experience a spiritual re-awakening and change his name to Snoop Lion and make a reggae album. (I’ve heard his song La la la on the radio and I’m liking the new Snoop). And a summer to chill out and change the world while enjoying refreshing Marley beverages.


When I first went to the supermarket I looked at these drinks with puzzlement. It seemed odd to see Bob Marley’s face staring out at me from Giant’s organic, all-natural aisle. (I feel more ostracized than a leper when I walk down that aisle, usually devoid of other shoppers. Why can’t Giant allow organic to mix with the “normal” food?) I passed the bottles by and went on with my shopping. But after I got home, I couldn’t get the Bob Marley beverages out of my head. I jumped back in my car. As usual the organic aisle was deserted. And from within that empty expanse,  they stood out like a beacon of hope and promise. Within minutes, they were mine.

Marley’s Mellow Mood was created in partnership with Bob Marley’s family. The different, delicious teas pay homage to Bob Marley in the promotion of health and stress reduction. Very much like the great man’s music. They come in yummy flavors, like citrus and berry mixed with relaxing herbs, including camomile and valerian root. And of course there’s the super smiling Bob on the front. How can you not want to fill your shopping trolley with them?


One Drop is also created in partnership with Bob Marley’s family and is made from gourmet Jamaican coffee. One Drop supports charities that promote sustainable and responsible living through their 1love.org initiative. Great taste and great causes! Why aren’t you at the market already?


When there’s such refreshing ways to make a difference in the world, I’d have to argue with the phrase “give until it hurts”. I choose “give until it feels good”!


One Response to “Full Marley”

  1. Rum Swizzle at 3:47 pm #

    Why we’re not seeing the Marley family promote items made from true Jamaican hemp is beyond me (or beyond me looking online), who wouldn’t want to drink in the Marley wearing clothes of the Ganga? Full Marley indeed!

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