Insane in the Pizza Brain

8 Sep

Pizza Brain opened last night in the Fishtown area of Philadelphia in an amazing, off beat style.  The nation’s first pizza museum (and pizzeria) celebrated in a fun loving style and the crowd ate it up.

(If music be the love of food, play on!!!)

Amidst the throng of eager pizza lovers was a giant, green alien, a huge walking slice of pizza, a belly dancer, an accordian player, a juggler and a balloon twister (I’m sure there’s another name for people who make things out of balloons).

People rode mad looking bicycles. A Pizza Brain staff member (Pizza Brainiac?) did a dance on top of a van to the shouts and whistles of the crowd. Not so pleased was the driver of the SEPTA bus behind, but how many times have we waited for buses? Let the bus wait for us for a change! Keep on dancing!

(Down in front big green alien!!!)

It took almost two hours to make it from the back of the line to the front. But the time flew by. And I made a new friend. A very delicious friend.

And I had a chance to meet one of the owners, Michael Carter. A warm, smiling man, he had spent many years travelling but was glad to be back in his hometown of Philadelphia. He spoke of his desire to give something back to the city he loves by opening his museum/pizzeria in an area that’s starting to see real change and renewal. I asked him, with all the pizza he had eaten in all the different countries he had been to, what was his favorite. He replied it was the simple Margharita. But, he added, he also likes pepperoni.

Patrons of Pizza Brain will find Michael Carter’s two favorites as well as a wide variety of artisan pizzas. I had a slice of the “Lucy Waggle”, a white pie with pine nuts, thyme, dates and crisped prosciutto. Yum!!!!

As you can see, I needed to take a bite before I could even take a picture.

It was a delicious ending to an extremely enjoyable evening.

You can see their full menu on their website…

One Response to “Insane in the Pizza Brain”

  1. Michael Goldberg at 2:10 pm #

    It was a long line opening night and it was worth the wait! Albeit about a 45 minute drive but I will definitely be back! The thin crust pizza was delicious and the topping choices are unusual and they sound great. I look forward to trying many of them.

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