Where the wine is cool and hippie chicks rule

13 Jan


A psychadelic, wine lover’s paradise tucked in the woods in Auburn, PA, Long Trout Winery is a laid back, let your considerable hair down and feel groovy type of winery. Lacking the pretense of many wineries, Long Trout is fun right from the front door…

to the top of the stairs ….

from where you get your first view of the tie dye counter and the plethora of Beatles memorabilia.
Even the rest room was a trip…


Behind the counter was a sweet hippie chick serving samples of wines with musically inspired names like “Smoke on the Water” (red), “Nowhere Man” (red blend) and “Dirty Deeds” (Cabernet). There were also more politically inspired wines such as “Flower Power” (Cabernet Sauvignon) and Burnin’ Bra” (Peach Chardonnay).


As for me, I favored the sensual flavors of Oopma Loompa (pear and dark chocolate) and Fuzzy Peach Groove.


But if you like it hot, then please, do try the Yellow Snow (hot pepper and garlic). My tongue was tingling with the first small sip. Zowie!
I’d be lying if I said this was even half the extent of their amazing offerings.  See for yourself on their website…


And, if you are in the area, stop in the Port Clinton Peanut Shop. A small candy store with many retro surprises like Zotz and the intriguingly named Squirrel Nut Zippers. I bought a Chick-O-Sticks which surprisingly does not taste like chicken, but like peanut butter and coconut. (The Chick-O-Stick got its name from its resemblance to fried chicken. Or it would if you spent too much time sampling the delights of Long Trout) And unlike the unfortunate Mom and Pop shop in St Paul, Minn. that was banned from selling candy cigarettes, Port Clinton Peanut Shop had them within easy reach on the counter.  Viva the Candy Revolution!



One Response to “Where the wine is cool and hippie chicks rule”

  1. Michael Goldberg January 14, 2013 at 1:10 pm #

    Truer words never spoken. The photography is impressive too!

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