Burger Me

31 Aug

I’ve heard people say that they wouldn’t want to live out in the country. “Nothing to do,” they moan. And yet, time and again, its out to some small town where the exciting food festival action is happening. Not the big city, fancy festivals that are the rage for hipsters. I’m talking about the real people, real food, in your face festivals. Like the one I went to today…The 10th Annual Hamburger Festival in Hamburg, Pa. (where else?)


Crowds of burger fans flocked the streets…


Showing their allegiance to this great cuisine, from their apparel…


To their license plates…


This is a crowd that LOVES burgers.

When you see a sign like this, you know its going to be good….


And when you see a senior citizen going for it, you know this is more than you’re average festival. Go granny go…


We weren’t so courageous at the Smokey Bear BBQ stall, and opted for the less gastronomically challenging Grizzly…


The eyes of man overcome with burger lust… the Grizzly combines burger and brisket topped with BBQ sauce on a bun.

As for me, I was enticed by The Luther from Deitsch Eck’s stall. There was a long line but, like the top ride at the amusement park, it was worth the wait. Come to me you naughty bacon cheeseburger sitting provocatively on a glazed donut…


So many stalls, so many choices. Some of the others that I wanted to sample but was too full to do so…





But as full as I was, when I saw these sweet angels, I couldn’t say no. Want it…


Got it. Burger cupcake all for me…


And cute gets cuter. Need this too…


And when you weren’t eating you could watch others eat. The Hamburger Eating Competition was mobbed. Like the lions and the Christians back in Roman times, there’s something both sadistic and appealing watching grown men suffer…


(In 3rd place, The Hungry Hunks)

First place went to the Rednecks…


Pushing it in for the Hamburgerlars team…


But unfortunately a team member blew (the one on the right) and they lost. But the faces of the crowd are a treat…


This was the first time that happened at the Hamburger Festival in their 10 years. History in the making, and I was there to see it.

After that, somehow we couldn’t eat any more.  And so we let departed, letting the festival vanish behind us, like a mythical land enveloped in a fog of grill smoke. Until next year….


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