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Life of Pie

1 Apr

map6 Leesburg, VA

Yes, yes, yes! Whatever you think you will get out of an enticing looking place like this, you will. And more.

First, you’ll want atmosphere. You’ll want a place that not only sells pie, but embodies pie. And, if you’re the type of person, like me, who craves locally owned places with character, charisma as well spectacular food, your radar is always switched on for that hidden gem. Driving through Leesburg, VA on a wet Sunday morning, I was desperate yet hopeful. Like a shark in shallow water, I was ready to pounce. (ok, not exactly a shark but imagine the type of person you’d be if you woke up to the watery inefficacy of a hotel room coffeemaker’s coffee. Sharks are far less aggressive than the caffeine deprived) When I saw Mom’s Apple Pie Company, I nearly drove through the front window in my exuberance. When I went in an saw a ceiling covered in pie tins, I knew was on the right path.


After this you’ll want someone nice to sell you a pie (and coffee).  We were fortunate to be assisted by Mom’s delightful daughter Clancy.


Not only does she have a radiant smile, not only can she bake amazing cookies (I would have had a picture of one of her freshly made Monster Cookies if my companion hadn’t scarfed it down) but she can sing. I mean really sing. Not just top score on Rockband but really, really sing…

The Mom of Mom’s Apple Pie Company is also a marvel; vibrant, intelligent and passionate about what she puts into her pies.

Then you’ll want pie. Not any pie. But gorgeous pie. Not the kind of pie you buy in the supermarket that might look friendly enough but leaves you feeling disappointed afterwards like a blind date. These pies are the pies you’ve been waiting to meet all your life.


And not only are the pies gorgeous, but the owners grow the strawberries, rhubarb and blackberries that go into these pies.

See their website…

I would have had the blackberry pie, in fact I did possess a blackberry pie for the briefest of moments but gave it to my parents. They don’t share very nicely. I heard it was delicious.

Still, knowing the devious parentage I have, I bought my own individual slice…


I chose a slice of the blueberry crumb. The crumb had divine pieces of pecans mixed in. Happiness on a fork!

(For those who don’t like pie or who are just hungry, they also have cookies, quiche, cupcakes, breads and Buckeyes. I briefly tasted the peanut buttery heaven of one of their Buckeyes before above mentioned companion inhaled the rest of it.)

Don’t wait any longer. Stop passing by and not going in. Go in. Buy pie.

Don’t live in Leesburg, VA but want pie? You’re in luck.  Order online. Order now.




Looking for love?

21 Oct

Road + Food = Bucks County Food Tour

Do you love food? We’re not talking school girl crush. Nor fickle flirting. Certainly not the cheap date. Or the wake up in the morning and wonder what you ate. But love food. Search it out. Go to great lengths to find that perfect pastry or cup of coffee. If you’ve found that certain something, very good. But if you’re searching. Or if you’re just culinary curious, then set a date with the Bucks County Food Tour.

Here’s just some of the food experiences that could be waiting for you…

Hot and fresh at the Town Crier Bakery

We were treated to a lesson on making amazing Sticky Buns.

Did you know the nuts and raisins are put on the bottom of the pan? When the sticky buns are baked, the hot pan is flipped over. A job for only the most dexterous of bakers.


Sugar up my dumplings! (also at the Town Crier Bakery)

You spin me round like a five rack Reed oven. (Revealing the Jewish Apple Cake that’s mentioned in 500 Things to Eat Before It’s Too Late by Jane and Michael Stern)


After leaving Peddler’s Village we went to Rojo’s in Lambertville, NJ. The building was originally the first flush toilet factory in the country. David, the owner, laughs about the quantity of crushed procelain he found when he first moved in. Today it is a unique coffee roastery.

David is passionate about coffee. Not just the finished product but the origins of his coffee. He feels strongly about the coffee growers as well as the coffee itself. His palate is well educated, and he speaks about the nuances of his small batch, artisan coffees as a wine connoisseur would about the finest wines. I bought the Guatemalan roast which is just as smooth and sumptuous and without a hint of bitterness, just as David promised.

Germans do it better. The Probat Roaster does it best of all. One of only 18 in operation in the world.


This is only the beginning, but I’ll leave you there. It’s not proper to reveal everything on the first encounter. But if this little tidbit has got you salivating, then its time for you to take the plunge and go on a Bucks County Food Tour. The owners, Lynn and Alan,will be your matchmakers to the lovely local deliciousness waiting for you. Don’t be left on the shelf.







Bacon Sundae

23 Jun


Categorized it under “I’ll Try Anything Once”, the Burger King Bacon Sundae was better than I originally thought but not good enough to make me buy another one. Still, I’d buy most strange food things; if there was a pickle sundae, weasel sundae or pizza sundae, I’d be lining up. I did see pizza ice cream offered at a not so distant ice cream shop and my new fave, Little Baby’s Ice Cream… I have yet to try it, but the draw is powerful. However, this is getting off the topic.

On the whole, the Bacon Sundae was not bad; the salty flavor and crunch of the bacon was not an unpleasant compliment to the sweet softness of the hot fudge and caramel sauces that swirled around a huge heaping of vanilla soft serve. On top of the ice cream, a few bacon pieces were sprinkled about, with a larger slice jutting from the middle. The less than thrilled Burger King employee seemed even less thrilled still to have to make one; he was gloved up practically to his elbows and wielding some nasty looking tongs as he jammed in the final slice of bacon with a grim face. As the photo shows, the lack of love kept my sundae from looking like the shining example in the BK ad.

(and a special note of thanks to the nice Jewish boy who bought it for me but couldn’t watch me eat it)

Twisted Kitchen

1 Apr

Twisted Kitchen, Colmar, PA

Two things immediately attracted me to Twisted Kitchen.

1. It’s an American Road Food restaurant. Visions of burgers and hotdogs and mac and cheese danced in my head.

2. The name. It sounds enticing but decadent. It also sounds like Dee Snyder might be working the grill.

Dee Snyder was not on the grill when I went. And my original thoughts of headbanging decor were not realized.

But the interior is both elegant and cozy.

I’d rave over the menu, but why try to explain when you can peruse the

enticements yourself? Check out the website…

But, maybe words are not enough for you and you want a little visual to whet your growing appetite.

Maybe some bacon, cheeseburger mac and cheese will convince you?

And I had ordered that thinking it was going to be  appetizer size. What delicious foolishness!

I’ll just add that all the baked goods are homemade. Just thought you should know.

OK, now I’m hungry. Time for breakfast. See you there.


21 Feb

If we are what we eat, then I am the thing that lurks underneath Betty Crocker’s bed.