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Looking for love?

21 Oct

Road + Food = Bucks County Food Tour

Do you love food? We’re not talking school girl crush. Nor fickle flirting. Certainly not the cheap date. Or the wake up in the morning and wonder what you ate. But love food. Search it out. Go to great lengths to find that perfect pastry or cup of coffee. If you’ve found that certain something, very good. But if you’re searching. Or if you’re just culinary curious, then set a date with the Bucks County Food Tour.

Here’s just some of the food experiences that could be waiting for you…

Hot and fresh at the Town Crier Bakery


We were treated to a lesson on making amazing Sticky Buns.

Did you know the nuts and raisins are put on the bottom of the pan? When the sticky buns are baked, the hot pan is flipped over. A job for only the most dexterous of bakers.


Sugar up my dumplings! (also at the Town Crier Bakery)

You spin me round like a five rack Reed oven. (Revealing the Jewish Apple Cake that’s mentioned in 500 Things to Eat Before It’s Too Late by Jane and Michael Stern)


After leaving Peddler’s Village we went to Rojo’s in Lambertville, NJ. The building was originally the first flush toilet factory in the country. David, the owner, laughs about the quantity of crushed procelain he found when he first moved in. Today it is a unique coffee roastery.


David is passionate about coffee. Not just the finished product but the origins of his coffee. He feels strongly about the coffee growers as well as the coffee itself. His palate is well educated, and he speaks about the nuances of his small batch, artisan coffees as a wine connoisseur would about the finest wines. I bought the Guatemalan roast which is just as smooth and sumptuous and without a hint of bitterness, just as David promised.

Germans do it better. The Probat Roaster does it best of all. One of only 18 in operation in the world.


This is only the beginning, but I’ll leave you there. It’s not proper to reveal everything on the first encounter. But if this little tidbit has got you salivating, then its time for you to take the plunge and go on a Bucks County Food Tour. The owners, Lynn and Alan,will be your matchmakers to the lovely local deliciousness waiting for you. Don’t be left on the shelf.