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The Adobo Experiment

22 Feb

What if there was one condiment that brought a person luck? I have reason to believe this condiment is Adobo.

A young, strapping Marine had been sent to Iraq as a gunner. All the previous Marines that had done the same job there before him had lost at least a leg. The odds were against him. But, different to the others, our Marine had been sent a steady supply of Goya’s Adobo by his mother. He used it on everything. He did two tours, one right after the other and suffered little injury. Skill? Bravery? Certainly! But was there something else? Something in the Adobo, that gave him the advantage?

I will test my own luck by using Adobo for the next two weeks…


Update: My two weeks of Adobo weren’t lifechanging but…I seem to have acquired some unexpected $$$. Coincidence?