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Easton Garlic Fest 2012

6 Oct

It’s not always easy to love garlic. A garlic lover is a person willing to set themselves apart, in their odiferous effluvium, for the food that they love. It can be a lonely life. But at the Easton Garlic festival, there is a weekend, once a year, where you do not have to be alone.

Or go hungry.

Many wonderful treats were made from the pungent bulb, much to the delight of Allium sativum afficionados, here’s just a sample…

Yes, yes, oh god, yes!!! This stand is always one of my first stops. I can’t focus until I’ve satisfied my craving. The roasted garlic is sweet, the chocolate makes it sweeter. Like a sailor who has been at sea too long, I jump on this baby as soon as I reach port.

I was not brave enough to try the Smoked Garlic Bloody Mary, but thrilled to  stare with voyeuristic delight at its crazy beauty. Certainly one for the person with more eclectic tastes.

I saw a purple cow. And serving garlic ice cream to boot! To be so close to such a unique and delightful treat, I rather be than see one.

Not only did the fudge contain garlic, but also potato chips! I had that joy, joy, joy, joy down past my heart and into my tummy!

Garple = garlic, maple syrup and vinegar. Reaches places on your insides that other elixirs can’t. Good for whatever ails you.

Gentlemen, if you do find that special garlic lover to love, treat her to one of these exquisite pieces made from real garlic skins by the creative ladies of Purple Sage. It’ll be another reason to nibble at her neck.

I ate and drank and will probably stink for the next week. Maybe longer. But like they say at Dave’s (home of the garlic hotdog)…

It’s All Good!!!