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Chicken Soup for the Ghostly Soul

22 Mar

When I was a little girl there there used to be a small library located a few blocks away from my school in Cheltenham, PA. Sometimes after school, I’d go and browse through the books. It was small, cheery library, and it was haunted. So many years have passed that I don’t remember if it is my own memory or just the retelling of an old tale, but the ghost was know to brew coffee every afternoon around 4:30. Recently I met a lady who had lived in the area at the time the library was open (it was demolished in 1978). She had been in the library one afternoon,  after 4 pm when she clearly smelled the coffee brewing. This started me wondering about the link between ghosts and food.

More recently a friend has smelled ghostly cooking in her home in Willow Grove. Mainly chicken soup. She tells me that before she moved in, a woman named Jewel had lived in that house for over 30 years. Jewel was a lively firecracker of a woman, well known in the area. When she died she was creamated and had her ashes scattered in the garden. Is Jewel still there, going about her daily business as she had done for so many years before? To me it is a comforting thought knowing the afterlife is filled with the things we loved here on earth. Like coffee and a nice hot bowl of chicken soup.

I’m curious to hear anyone else’s stories of ghosts and food. If you’ve got a story, please email or comment.