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Bacon Sundae

23 Jun


Categorized it under “I’ll Try Anything Once”, the Burger King Bacon Sundae was better than I originally thought but not good enough to make me buy another one. Still, I’d buy most strange food things; if there was a pickle sundae, weasel sundae or pizza sundae, I’d be lining up. I did see pizza ice cream offered at a not so distant ice cream shop and my new kickstarter.com fave, Little Baby’s Ice Cream…www.littlebabysicecream.com. I have yet to try it, but the draw is powerful. However, this is getting off the topic.

On the whole, the Bacon Sundae was not bad; the salty flavor and crunch of the bacon was not an unpleasant compliment to the sweet softness of the hot fudge and caramel sauces that swirled around a huge heaping of vanilla soft serve. On top of the ice cream, a few bacon pieces were sprinkled about, with a larger slice jutting from the middle. The less than thrilled Burger King employee seemed even less thrilled still to have to make one; he was gloved up practically to his elbows and wielding some nasty looking tongs as he jammed in the final slice of bacon with a grim face. As the photo shows, the lack of love kept my sundae from looking like the shining example in the BK ad.

(and a special note of thanks to the nice Jewish boy who bought it for me but couldn’t watch me eat it)