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In a Pickle

11 May

A rainy drive into the heart of Pennsylvania, past farms and barns, silos and antiques stores…


To the little town of Dillsburg….


An appropriately named place for a Pickle Festival.


As you would expect there were plenty of pickles to be had. A wide variety from Peter Piper’s PA Pickles ranging from the mild Bread and Butter pickles to Garlic XXX Hot …


Peter Piper is packing a pint of pickles

And also Pickle cookies….


No pickle flavor but pickle shaped sugar cookies liberally coated with green sprinkles.

And the surprisingly good Pickle Soup. The young lady serving the soup told us it was much better than we would think. She was right. (similar to chicken and vegetable soup with an added pickley bonus)…


And one very happy pickle…


The highlight of the festival was the Pickle Eating Competition, sponsored by local pickle makers, Dickie’s Dills….


I entered along with 11 other adults. 15 large spears were on each plate. I was not concerned about the $100 prize but desperately wanted the Pickle Eating Gold Medal. I started out strong. But eating pickles is no walk in the park. The teen to my right finished one, her face curled against the vinegar, her friends cheering her on. But she realized it was hopeless for her. She slowed her pace, taking the occasional small bite. I had a pickle in both hand, determined I was going to forgo chewing and simply swallowing. By my body wouldn’t let me. I chewed. I took time to wipe the vinegar dripping down my chin. But I pressed on. Until the man next to me snapped into action in the last minute, pushing pickles into his mouth.  He ate 10.5. I ate a pathetic 4.5 spears.

A few minutes later, the next group of adults started.  They learned from our failure and forged ahead, eating more, eating faster.  One man knelt down by his plate and ate without stopping. Pickle after pickle he was going for gold. After the 10th pickle his hands started shaking but he never slowed down. He had won this competition 8 times before and would win it again. While receiving his prize he explained he had been a Marine and while in service you ate what you had as quickly as you could, or you may not get a chance to finish it.

A pickle champion in action…


After the adults, the kids had their turn. These brave young ladies pushed on through the pickle and vinegar overload….


But win or lose it was a pickle party for all. Dance Pickle, dance!!!!