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Best of the Wurst

22 Jul


(Blue buns?!?!?! Don’t let a hippie make your Wurst Fest sign.)


The Poconos Wurst Festival At Shawnee Mountain Ski Resort

So I went there thinking….What’s the wurst that could happen?

The jokes started in the parking lot with the family walking in front.  You knew they would. You knew you would.

The worst was not trusting this man when he said that his “Rapture” hot sauce was the hottest…


(that’s the sauce right there in the front. The one that says “Deadly” on the front and a guy fighting off ill-tempered scorpions). This one right here….


(picture from and many thanks to Torchbearer Sauces,  http://www.torchbearersauces.com)

Many hot sauces will say how insanely hot they would like you to think they are. This one is insanely hot. Not at first. You’re able to get out a few sentences of how it wasn’t really that hot, and you’ve had hotter and blah blah blah until you’re mouth catches like a tinderbox, doused in gasoline, under a heat lamp, on a flaming grill with fifty blow-torches blowing at full force inside a raging forest fire. And then you’ve got to stick your wise-ass, flaming hot tongue in the nearest water ice…


Little Jimmy had a prime spot right across from the hot sauce tent. He was all too happy to assist the foolhardy in alleviating their misery. Thank you Saint Jimmy of the Watermelon Ice!

So not off to a great start.

But what makes everything better?


Like Kiffles from BabaNonnna…


My totally amateur, kiffles for beginners explanation… a sweet filling wrapped in pastry and dusted with powdered sugar. From the more traditional apricot and walnut fillings, to chocolate peanut butter and, my favorite, chocolate coconut. (I managed to snap up one of the last two…day getting brighter….)


A plethora of pierogies with a rainbow of filling flavors. There were  the savory fillings like cheese and potato, and sauerkraut. And sweet fillings; plum, blueberry, and strawberry.  Or have both with sweet kraut…


(from Bratek Deli, Garfield, NJ)

And then onto the wurst.  The “must have” of any wurst festival. And I chose the Bauernwurst (pork and beef seasoned with mustard seeds)…


With more mustard and, of course, kraut. (from The Alpine Wurst and Meat Haus, Honesdale, PA)

Food accomplished, on with the fun.

Starting with the “hard-core”-dion of the Chardon Polka Band


(There’s plenty to like about polka.)

This is the kind of polka band that polka was invented for. No, actually this is the kind of band that has re-invented polka and made it their own. Taken polka, got it drunk and made out with it in a dark corner. Left it breathless and wanting more.  The Chardon Polka Band had young and old up and dancing with their lively music and engaging style.



And if that weren’t enough fun, there was the dancing competition….


Dieter wins the crowd and the prize with his flowing locks, stylish hosen and slick moves.

And the Beer Stein Olympics…


Careful with that!!!


Getting sloshed for fun and prizes.

And finally the Hot Dog Pig Races…


What could be cuter than little pig? Nothing…


Run pigs! Run!

Food, beer and fun went on and on like a buffet of happiness…


If that’s the wurst….. oh, I just can’t finish this….