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Things not to eat at a Chinese buffet

16 Jan

You have to admire the Chinese buffets of this nation. Forever the gracious hosts serving never-ending trays of chicken and broccoli. And those tiny little squares of cake. Not to mention the glistening piles of neatly cubed Jell-o. But somewhere, in the bowels of the buffet kitchens, lurks the Dr Frankenstein of the food world. Frustration building behind the eternity of fried rice, he’s out to create a mangled monster-piece, a petrifiying patchwork of food items that should not, no matter how much beer you’ve drank, ever consider consuming.

Warning: The following pictures may be considered disturbing for those of a  delicate digestive system


Everyone has seen this type of food item. Some of us have been brave (or foolish) enough to try them. Seafood and a totally unrelated food type that are mixed together. Like the Seafood Donut above.


And what sane mind could have imagined Cheesy Seafood?

Queasy seafood is more accurate.

This is just the beginning of my quest for the the worst the buffets have to offer. But with each new Golden-Dragon-Palace-Panda-Garden that opens, it is certain that a new fiendish dish will make its debut.

I also invite you to share your own horrors. You can send photos to…