Pizza Olympics

24 Jul

Finally, an Olympic sport I can participate in. Sponsored by the South Philly Review and held at the Penns Landing Caterers, the 6th Annual Pizza Olympics drew a huge and hungry crowd.


More than 10 local pizza parlors were represented in this amazing pizza party. For the ticket price of $15 a hungry pizza eater had the pleasure of enjoying slices from every one of them.

Let the eating begin…

The pleasant lads of Powelton Pizza, from whom I received my first slice.


Each parlor had their own twist-from Mexican to Greek, square or round, thick or thin crust. There was even a macaroni and cheese crust from the friendly folks at Flat Iron.


My favorite was the pizza from J&J’s of South Philly. This was authentic pizza. No gimmicks just great. And the wonderful staff made sure my pizza needs were met. I just had to look at a slice and it was mine.


What more could a girl want?

I went from stall to stall, desperately trying to try them all, although by the end it was approaching impossible to even look at another slice. Well, maybe not. There is something inherently attractive about a slice of pizza. But my stomach refused what my eyes craved. Others were able to go the distance…


At the end you could fill out the ballot for your favorites in several categories including crust, sauce, creative topping and overall best. I tried to be honest but my heart was won over by J&J’s. I filled them in for more than one category. If that was wrong, I didn’t care.

In the end, there are no losers at the Pizza Olympics. Just so much pizza, you have to dance (if you’re not too full)


Check out the South Philly Review site for more info…–267248211.html

One Response to “Pizza Olympics”

  1. Michael Goldberg at 12:09 pm #

    Thank you for another great post, they always make me hungry!!! This is a fun event indeed. All pizza lovers should attend next year and come hungry!

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